At Rev’d, we are a team of like-minded athletes striving to reach new levels. We believe that greatness lives within each of us and we are committed to inspiring a mindful shift in all to pursue one’s greatest potential. Every workout provides a chance for every individual to discover what they are capable of.

Our mission goes beyond offering high-quality workouts; we strive to create an inclusive environment where talented individuals collaborate and support each other on their fitness journeys. We train to achieve more, both mentally and physically, with consistent motivating instruction.

At Rev’d, we understand that fitness is not just a personal endeavor but a collective effort. Our team of exceptional trainers lead inspiring fitness sessions, focusing on technique and motivation. We’re not just about workouts; we’re about creating a movement. We provide our team with top-of-the-line equipment, combined with expert guidance, all within a luxurious setting designed for your comfort and enjoyment.

A video wall session is the same as a regular session except a video wall session incorporates a large video screen playing graphics that synchronize with the trainer and music, immersing you in a captivating visual experience! It’s a dynamic and engaging way to enhance your training and keep you motivated throughout the session.

WARNING: These sessions feature flashing lights, strobing effects, and/or imagery that may affect photosensitive athletes.

The Rev’d Ride is all about you. The Rev’d Ride is an athletically challenging, body-changing experience, all about you. We focus on the rhythm of the music and how it drives you to overcome the obstacles of resistance and position. Our bikes do not have monitors as we believe that this encourages you to focus on the experience and enables you to truly be present. Come, clip in, and get ready to sweat.

Whether it’s your first cycling session or your 100th, preparation is key. We encourage athletes to hydrate before every session and to wear comfortable workout gear while riding. For safety and a more supportive ride, all athletes must wear cycling shoes. Our bikes are fitted with both SPD and Delta pedals. If you don’t have cycling shoes, you can rent a pair for $3 and pick them up at check-in.

We ask that you please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before each session to give yourself enough time to get checked in and set up. Once the session begins, no late entries are allowed.

Not sure about how to get set up on your bike? Our knowledgeable instructors and staff are happy to give you a personalized bike fit before the beginning of each session.

The post-ride experience is all about your mental and physical gratification. Be proud of everything you accomplished, and take that momentum with you into the outside world.

Rev’d Bootcamp is a high-intensity group training program designed to develop strength, speed, power, balance, and agility. Led by experienced trainers, the program is a balanced combination of strength training and conditioning work designed to maximize athletes’ movement capabilities.

Athletes are encouraged to hydrate before every session and to wear comfortable workout attire while training.

For 55 minutes, you’ll be led through a balanced combination of strength training and conditioning work exercises designed to develop strength, speed, power, balance, and agility by our experienced trainers. The trainers will walk you through every movement and be there to assist you during training.

We ask that you please arrive at least 10 minutes before each session time to give yourself enough time to get checked in and ready to go.

Rev’d On location enables Rev’d to bring any of its training programs to just about anywhere.

On location was created out of the need for accessibility to consumers who wanted to experience Rev’d training, just outside the studio. These off-site sessions are tailored to accommodate all fitness levels, and our talented instructors will get you moving and working up a solid sweat.

Want to bring Rev’d to work? Take the idea of workplace wellness to another level with our Rev’d on Location program. We’ll come to your business with our fleet of bikes or our experienced coaches to provide your employees with a fun and unique fitness experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

To book any Rev’d offering at your location, email