Rev’d offers the exclusive opportunity to host private sessions in our studios at a discounted cost per athlete. Whether it’s a special occasion, a team-building activity, or a desire for a tailored workout experience, our private sessions cater to your unique needs.

To book, email the specific studio location where you’d like to host your private session.

To amplify the potential for positive impact, Rev’d offers individuals the opportunity to host fundraising sessions in our studios. By utilizing our state-of-the-art facilities and expert trainers, individuals can rally friends, family, and colleagues for a fun and purposeful fitness event raising money for a cause of their choosing.

To book, email the specific studio location where you’d like to host your ride.


Position your brand in front of our captive team of athletes through our Sponsored Sessions Series. Sponsored Sessions are made free for athletes to train, courtesy of your brand. These sessions come with the opportunity to provide giveaways and/or table on-site to interact with athletes directly as well. Sponsor one, or multiple sessions depending on your objectives.


Leverage the power of Rev’d through long-term partnerships across our studios. With our strong athlete-base and social community, Rev’d can amplify your brand’s message to our expansIve reach of individuals looking to unleash greatness in their lives.


Looking to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among your workforce while fostering a sense of community and camaraderie within your organization? Companies based near Rev’d locations have the opportunity to unlock the exclusive opportunity for your employees to train at a discounted rate.


Partnering with our indoor cycling studio is a win-win opportunity for hotels and apartment complexes aiming to offer exceptional guest or resident experiences. By providing free training credits to hotel guests/residents, you can elevate their overall stay, creating a memorable and health-focused experience.

For more information please contact our Director of Marketing e-mail here.